The Right Technology Matters

Our customers expect more from their vehicles - high mileage, low speed torque, constant
stop-start operation, short inner-city trips as well as long cross continent haulage, in a wide
variety of global environments.

Our specialist engineers lead a comprehensive design process incorporating world-class
development resources and rigorous analysis and testing to produce turbochargers with
class beating performance as a critical component within an engine system.

Requirements of diesel engines in
light vehicles

  • Compact packaging and lightweight
  • Tailored design
  • High efficiency with emphasis on low
    speed torque
  • Optimised aerodynamics
  • Rapid transient response
  • Reliable accurate control

Analysis-led design and
system integration

  • Being part of an engine company
    we are proficient in working as
    part of an integrated team - for
    optimum technology selection
  • Our market-leading expertise in
    engine system modelling, using
    analysis tools such as GT Power,
    enables comprehensive accurate,
    right-first-time turbo selection and
    engine performance prediction
  • Finite element stress analysis to
    ensure long service life
  • Computation fluid dynamics to
    optimise thermodynamic performance

Cummins Turbo Technologies work with customer-partners to
resolve these challenges.

Class-leading compressor technology

  • Compressors are sized and designed
    to cover a wide flow range with the
    best available efficiency, and options
    on performance characteristics like
    pressure ratio capability
  • High pressure ratio compressor stage
    designs enable higher specific engine
    output, utilising our expertise developed
    in heavier duty applications
  • Map width enhancement - technology
    that allows us to extend the operating
    range of the compressor stage enabling
    higher torque at lower engine speeds
  • Low pressure ratio compressors maximise
    efficiency at part load engine operation
  • Impeller tip treatment controls gas flow
    leaving the wheel - providing optimum
    efficiency and pressure ratio characteristics.
    High compressor efficiency contributes to
    good tank mileage for the end user

Innovative rotor system design

  • Dual seal rings available for ultimate
    performance and reliability on high
    pressure applications
  • Innovative oil sealing extends
    ‘leak-free' operating envelope
  • Bearing oil bath for superior oil
    delay performance
  • Lead free bearing materials in
    line with the move to eliminate
    hazardous materials